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Iranian ports operational capacity reaches 285 million tons

Iranian ports operational capacity reaches 285 million tons
The Minister of Roads and Urban Development The operational capacity of Iranian ports in the north and south of the country has increased from 185 million tons to 258 million tons.

PMO News Portal – highlighting features such as facilitation in logistics power, production, added value and the opportunity to process raw materials in third generation ports, Mohammad Eslami emphasized that By transforming Shahid Rajaei and other ports in the country into third generation ports, we are trying to stabilize exports by creating economic and commercial attractions. Currently, 2,400 hectares of hinterland have been added to Shahid Rajaei port as a part of the development projects in this port.

Referring to recent development projects in the country's ports, including Shahid Rajaei container port, Eslami stated: These projects include the operation of the new container terminal of Shahid Rajaei port with the capacity to berth ships up to 18,400 TEU, the operationalizing of a wharf with 31 hectares of hinterland And 3 oil wharf for export and transit of oil products.

“Previously, investment has been made in the form of memorandums in hinterland of Shahid Rajaei port in five areas, including the construction of containers, the establishment of zinc, lead and manganese factories, the construction of home appliance factories and the establishment of a refinery.", Eslami further explained.

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