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Iran's recommendation for increase the member of IMO'S concil

Iran's recommendation for increase the member of IMO'S concil
Statement with regards to the membership at IMO Council By The Islamic Republic of Iran under agenda item 22 (Election of the members of Council) taken place on Friday, 24th of November 2011

First of all, the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulate all new members of the Council, in particular category C for which, we had election just an hour before

Mr. President, Secretary General of IMO, Distinguished Heads of Delegations, ladies and Gentlemen


IMO Convention has been adopted in 1948 and amended several times in order to increase the numbers of the members of IMO Council. IMO assembly at its eighteenth regular session, in 1993 adopted the  amendment by which the number of the council members increased from 32 to 40, however the issue raised at seventeenth session, that had taken place in 1991, in which, several members  expressed concern about the result of the elections to the council for the 1992 – 1993 period when the issue had been raised in 1991, the memberships of IMO were composed of 133 member states and two associate members. This figure increased to 170 member states and three associate members from 1992 to 2011.  This indicates that, until 1992, 30 percent of the total members of IMO have been the members of council as well. Now after almost 20 years the memberships of IMO increased by 37 members, while the memberships of Council remained unchanged. It means that, the percentage of IMO member states as to council members decreased by around 6.5 percents and now has reached to  23.5 percent

Keeping this important issue in our attention, and due to the fact that, council is a policy making body and one of the most important organs of IMO  and,  having the fact that, during last two decades the maritime world witnessed substantial changes and tremendous development in all aspects, including increase of the level of international maritime trade, increase of the global gross tonnage, improvement of the performance of IMO member states in particular developing countries and their increased ambitions and interests in maritime field, evolvement of  new challenges such as piracy and greenhouse gases, increase of the number of the IMO instruments and finally the lack of fair geographical distribution of the membership of Council, as we observed before, now the Islamic Republic of Iran firmly believe that, after 18 years of the last amendment of IMO convention, it is time to reconsider the membership of Council to firstly, increase the numbers of its membership and secondly to provide a precise mechanism in IMO convention, so that the fair geographical distribution of the council membership is guaranteed


Mr. President,  Distinguished delegates

As we all know, the process of amendment of IMO convention and bringing it into force are not as easy as other legally binding instruments. In the assumption that, such amendment has been accepted in next session of Assembly in 2013, and by considering the explicate procedure for acceptance and one year deadline for bringing the accepted amendment into force, all together may take more than five years. Therefore what we raised and suggest at this 27th session of assembly is about the future, with the possibility of even more membership of IMO and evolving of new phenomenon, innovations  and challenges. For such significant project we, propose that the Assembly establish an ad hoc working group or correspondence group under its instruction, as it was before in 1992, and request it to report to its  next session in 2013, even though, any member state of IMO, in accordance with article 71 of the IMO convention, has the right to propose the requested amendment directly to the assemblyAt the end, Mr. President, we request you to reflect our position and proposal in the summary records of the assembly session and, the statement be annexed to the report

  Thank you Mr. President



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